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Mission Statement
A.             , Be apart of the Humanitarian Cause, that powers #NaturalHealingLiteracy #HealthThreatPreventionCare and #LifePreservation efforts for Children & The Elderly. 
B. Connect like-minded people who demand organic answers.
C. Improve quality of health through prevention education, nutritional science and technology.
D. Lead Health Threat Prevention literacy to ensure people know how to succeed & #Thrive.                                           
E. Help Provide Health Solutions for people as advocates that help solve problems instead of exploiting people for profit.   
                                                                                                                                                           The AlternaMed 4 Life Pledge 
                                                                                                                           1. Innovation, Education & Prevention For All...
 2. Life Preservation Through Prevention - Creating a healthy community founded on Living Prevention addresses the medical disease care system by providing truth and integrity to empower members with the information needed to be prevention literate. 
 3. Prevention Better than Cure - Ensuring members are on the the same page in prevention literacy, we provide the Health Threat Prevention Academy to ensure you know the power of prevention is better than cure, which makes knowing the truth critical.
 4. Prevention First - Building a community founded on prevention first is a first. In so doing, we address the health crisis of escalating lifestyle diseases that cause 7 out of 10 deaths every day.                              
 5. Solve the Health Insurance Crisis - Creating an innovative alternative to health insurance for ShareAlternaMed members that includes holistic and integrative medicine for primary care, with conventional medicine when needed is why we developed ShareAlternaMed. 
 6. Save Money - Understanding the domino effect of health issues starts with knowing how to control costs and save money through Health Threat Prevention is why we focus on a new paradigm to reduce costs. Empowering people to be healthy instead of ''managed'' in a disease care system whose costs are unaffordable, is how saving money starts.                                                                                                                                                                    
 7. Real Choice - Providing members with access to ShareAlternaMed enrollment opens the right to choose the best care, no matter the medicine type; holistic, integrative or conventional when needed. 
 8. No One Goes In Alone - With ShareAlternaMed, members back each other in a community of cost sharing for approved treatments, so no one faces health costs alone.
 9. Financial Solutions - Serving our tribe who share a common lifestyle, needs more financial solutions because living prevention is more than health today. 
 10. Everyone Accepted - AlternaMed is a member community who accepts everyone who takes the Health Threat Prevention AlternaMed 4 Life Pledge no matter, race, gender, nationality, etc. 
 11. Create a Safe Space - Because the truth has many enemies from those who profit from deception, we start with the AlternaMed 4 Life Pledge to filter out the trolls online and the haters and build a community of positivity. 
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