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                                                                                           B. C. (Trey) Goodman Sr.


Brannen Charles (Trey) Goodman Sr, was the 3rd "Charles" at the time of his birth in October of 1977, hence; "Trey" for short.

Trey is NOT, a Medical Doctor, but rather a Naturopathic/Sports Medicine Researcher, Sports Trainer, Nutritional Supplement Advisor and Formulator. Aka; Dr. Elite, Trey is educated in Human Health Sciences, Integrative Cellular Nutrition for Natural Healing, Physiological Applied Sciences, Biochemistry, Sports Medicine and looks pursue his Doctorate (ND) in the near future.  

      From a 5 Sport High School All-American standout, (football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and Track & Field) to a professional level 4 sport competitive athlete in Martial Arts, Football, Baseball and Track & Field, Trey's approach to the Optimization of Athletic Performance through Diet & Training is uniquely unparalleled and evident through the immense passion he exudes in every training session with his clients World Wide.   

      In 1996, Trey graduated from the internationally renowned ISSA, (International Sports Science Association) for Exercise Physiology. He later progressed to acquire further Credentials & Work Experience from; U.S. Army, (Combat Medical Specialist) [MOS], El Segundo Air Force Base (Sports Specialist & Athletics Coordinator), Bally’s Total Fitness (Master Trainer), Graduate of the esteemed International Career College for Physical Therapy, Daniel Freeman Hospital ((Rehabilitation Assistant) & (Fitness Coordinator), HealthSouth Physical Therapy & Kerlan-Jobe, (Sports Rehabilitation Technician) and as a "Nutritional Health Advisor" for -Vitamin World Inc-, just to name a few.                  

       As our current Primary Supplemental Health & Sports Training Director, Trey's Naturopathic Journey In 2006, committing himself to studying under and/or working alongside several renowned Herbalist, Naturopathic Doctors and other Natural Health Care Practitioners, in effort to expand the very knowledge and experience he relies on in during his Nutritional, Supplemental and Day-To-Day Natural Healing Consultations, to assist his clients in the Life Style changes, Diet Specifics and Step-by-Step Protocols that feature the LIFE supporting, 1`SPORT OF LIFE - Nutritional supplements that he implements into the corrective efforts, aiming to help the body resolve or minimize the various complications of the likes of;  High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Anemia, Joint & Spinal Degeneration, Obesity and Headaches, to even the more Infectious, Viral, and abnormal developments of; Auto Immune, & Digestive Concerns such as Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Crohn's Disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, and many others. 

Trey’s position on Better Health & Maintenance, stands along side of the collective views expressed by the hundreds of ND, Health Sciences Researchers, PhD & relative esteemed publishers in; the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition", 21st Century "Biotechnology", "The Journal of Nutrition", "International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition" and prestigious Universities worldwide, of the drastically overlooked underlying cause,  that has been linked to Severe Nutrient Deficiencies, which in turn can hinder the body’s natural ability to function optimally and heal itself. 

“Our food shall be the medicines that dictate our quality of life”     ~Dr. Elite~

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