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Beyond Colloidal & Nano Silver…!!!

Unlike any other parts per million (ppm) liquid silver products, this more advanced formula is a Non Toxic, Non Synthetic, Super Immune Battle Support Formula.  


The Silver Miracle Solution is PURE vapor distilled water that has been molecularly restructured and electro dynamically integrated with Scaler Wave frequencies, 100's of time stronger than any herd alone. Now with a gas like etheric characteristic, giving it a greater and more efficient cell wall penetrability into tissues & cells. 


The Silver Miracle Solution kills Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites and 1400 other known harmful pathogens, then helps the cells better facilitate elimination of the dead pathogen waste. The Silver Miracle Solution is of a “Like Molecular Identity'' to the water naturally present in the 60-70% water dominant human body. This is due to the 4 stages of restructuring, our water molecules undergo via our unique Vapor Distilled Filtration Process, [discovered by Naturopathic Researcher B. C. Goodman Sr. 4/28/17 and first used here at 1`Sport Of Life ’s ~ Applied Sciences 4 Wellness Support Department].


Beware of other so called "Immune Support" supplement manufacturers that fail at producing a competent Immune Support product out the gate, due to their initial base use of the #1 Most Important Component, "WATER", buy using standard production quality water, often labeled as, "Purified Water", or technically known as "Reverse Osmosis", (which kills some bacteria, but also removes the naturally occurring minerals and scatters the water's molecules into chaos, there by eliminating it's natural energetic life flow force, that is otherwise generated the same way a fresh river flows down a mountain side. Note: Reverse Osmosis (Purified Water) does NOT eliminate the water's memory of once being "Toilet Water", but also fails to eliminate VOCs like chlorines. The water used in our Silver Miracle Solution is Solar Charged Vapor Distilled Water with 0 Memory, that has had their molecules restructured. Ther by enabling our solution sync in perfect harmony with the body's blood.


1 Sport Of Life's The Silver Miracle Solution has no equal. It is produced via electrolysis and high frequency electromagnetic pulses that transmit powerful antipathogenic programming information from the silver molecules into the water. As a result, each water molecule carries within its own memory "Charge" of silver. Its chemical composition remains the same.  When silver undergoes this transformation, it loses its identity as a trace element that can no longer be identified as separate particles, and acts more like a gas. Giving Bio`Molec Silver its unique high penetration performance capability to break thru the “Blood Brain Barrier”  into cells, up to 100%

(as opposed to the lower percentage colloidal silver, less than 20%)


The Silver Miracle Solution is non toxic and it does not produce any negative side effects. This supplement has been extensively tested on many people (including our founder) with a variety of ailments with successes so impressive it is hard to believe. It is said that no other single agent known to man currently can compare itself to silver when it comes to safely killing the microorganisms that are responsible for disease.

There are over 1400 pathogens, and not one of them have been reported to survive for more than 8 minutes in the presence of silver.   



Structured Vapor Distilled Water  


NOTE: The reason why we do NOT formulate our Silver Miracle Solution to possess a high Alkaline pH, (like some other products on the market) is because we are a Naturopathic Medicine spirited wellnaceuticle branch of

1 Sport Of Life Global Inc, which is grounded in Integrative Cellular Nutrition for Medicine. Meaning ALL of our products are developed based on the research in the field of Human Sciences. Although The Silver Miracle Solution is proven to be safe and effective for animals, we root our focus from the central understanding of the 70% water our body is made of. So sense we all know that our own Blood pH is no more than 7.35 - 7.45 optimally. So any carrier liquid much higher than that, could not allow for maximum absorption of the active ingredient/s therin. The Mechanics of Sublingual AbsorptionThe absorption potential of the buccal mucosa is influenced by the lipid solubility and therefore the permeability of the solution (osmosis); the ionisation (pH); and the molecular weight of the substances. For example, absorption of some drugs via the buccal mucosa is shown to increase when carrier pH is lower (more acidic) and decrease with a lowering of pH (more alkaline).So The Most OPTIMAL  Mechanics of Sublingual Absorption Is based on the absorption potential of the buccal mucosa, which is influenced by the lipid solubility and therefore the permeability of the solution (osmosis); the ionisation (pH); and the molecular weight of the substances. For example, even the absorption of some drugs via the buccal mucosa is shown to increase when carrier pH is lower (more acidic) and decrease with a lowering of pH (more alkaline).





*Anti - Bacterial, Viral, Parasitic, Pathogenic, Fungal, Microbial

*An Eye Wash For Pink Eye and other Eye infections

*An Oral Antibiotic Rinse For Gum Infections

*A Wound Disinfectant

*...And More


So "Add to Cart", Put The Silver Miracle Solution To The Test....


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Disclaimer:These statements have not all been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). This Nutritional Health Supplements is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness, but rather to support the body's own Natural Healing efforts. If you have any pre-existing conditions or any other concerns, please check with your healthcare provider before using.

The Silver Miracle Solution (Super Antiviral Tincture)

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